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About King Lexie

Hi, I'm King Lexie she/her., Professional online coach at Consultório.
My coaching practice has been online and in person from 2016. It is deeply informed by my wild (don't tell me what to do ) life and studies as a professional creative, a queer mentor and educator.

The work we do together in Consultório creative coaching leverages habit science, nervous system regulation and your own creative spark to navigate challenge and guide you in creating the change you want.

I tend to work well with those who, hate to be told what to do, but also crave intimate support and accountability. Those who need a practical approach, a emotionally attuned guide, and a cheerleader as you make your way through obstacles, may find lasting benefit in our work.

If you're like a me: a misfit who must figure things out for themselves; a creative looking to carve out their unique place in the world with dignity and integrity; or someone who has struggled with giving too much to others and not having enough 'left over' for yourself or your work in the world. I may be your coach!

  • Colorado, United States
  • Applied PolyVagal Theory
  • certified professional coach
  • NLP Marin
  • somatic parts work (IFS)
Who I Help
  • creative professionals
  • educators
  • entrepreneurs
  • neurodiverse